Black Dogs Second Almanac

Image of Black Dogs Second Almanac


The Second Black Dogs Almanac (2006) comes disguised as a harmless pack of playing cards, but inside you'll find more of the entertaining and engaging work from the group including:

ARTWORKANDPLAY - three essays that combine to form a single treatise on ideas of art, work, labour and creativity, by Andy Abbott, Jon Slight and Dave Ronalds.

SACRIFICE FOR THE HACIENDA - Lawrence Molloy presents the tale of a man searching for death. The lovechild of Orwell's Homage to Catalonia and Murakami's Kafka on the Shore.

WORK/PLAY/ART/VALUE - contributions of short texts on these themes, read one, tear it out and throw it away/eat it/stick on your wall/wipe your arse with it (delete as appropriate). Illustrations by Eleanor Johnson that frankly have to be seen to be believed.

Design by Daniel Carey & Eleanor Johnson.

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